For Grace Raven, hula hoop dancing is more than a way to stay in shape; it is a daily exercise in self discovery, humility, and artistic expression.
Grace's dance is rooted firmly in her 10 years of training in ballet, tap, and stage performance. She brings a dancer's perspective to the art of hooping with an emphasis on key techniques to improve balance, precision, foot work, and flow. As a student of the hoop, you will grow exponentially in your physical abilities, esteem, and connections with nature and your inner child. After all, it's all about having FUN!
Originally from the East Coast of the United States, Grace is currently based in Mount Maunganui, Tauranga, New Zealand, where she offers private lessons. She also travels country-wide, teaching and performing at festivals and retreats. For those not based in Aotearoa, she offers Skype classes and downloadable video tutorials to hoopers anywhere in the world. She is a fire dancer and member of the fire troupe Flames of Plenty, for which she dances with fire hoops, poi, fans, and palm torches.


"Grace is very good at explaining the physiology and the physics of each move, what your body needs to do and what the hoop needs to do and how to make the two align. I feel stronger in my core, which is something I hoped would happen, and more toned in my arms." - Ingrid H., student

"Grace got me to do hoop tricks that I thought I would never be able to do! She breaks things down and explains them very well. She will always encourage me, be patient with me, but also push me to become a better hooper."  - Mechelle Driver, Miss Tattoo NZ 2016 winner & 3rd place winner of Miss Cadaver NZ 2015 Competition for her LED hoop dance performance
"With enthusiasm and dedication, Grace enjoys sharing the flow art of hoop dance with others. Living up to her name, she possesses a natural talent to teach hooping to various skill levels and learning styles. It was a pleasure to lead a class jointly with her. Hoop dance is her passion and this radiates from her to her students."  - Kristin Wilhide, hoop dancer
"I have been hula hooping for over two years, but have not been able to progress beyond the basic hoop spinning around my waist until I met Grace. With her enthusiasm, showmanship, and clear descriptive tutoring, this has enabled me to expand my hoop repertoire. If you are wanting to progress beyond basic hoop spinning and get the best out of your hula hoop I can totally recommend Grace."  - Sue Davies, Exerhoop Hula Hoops made in New Zealand

Photo by Reality Dysfunction Photography